Outdoor exhibition booth

Looking for unusual solutions in the construction of outdoor exhibition booth? You have chosen well! Our company offers modern solutions related to the construction of permanent and temporary exhibition pavilions. Until now, external exhibition stands were associated with simple tents, which were to protect against weather conditions. Time to change it. Trust our specialists and choose the perfect solution for your needs!
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Titan Dome

The Titan Dome is a modern type of advertising tent. Rounded canopy based on an aluminum structure provides adequate strength and functionality. It is a stylish solution ideal for elegant events. The titanium dome can be used as a temporary or semi-permanent solution (for example: for the summer season). It is available in many sizes, it can also be combined in various combinations. Simple assembly using widely available tools. Possibility of production in any color.
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Inflatable Tent

Inflatable exhibition tents are an ultra-light alternative to classic stands. One person is able to move it to any place and unfold with the automatic system of blowing. This system does not require additional racks. Inflatable tents are available in any size, shape and color, and are made with the highest quality standards. They are also stand out by their appearance.
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Showrooms have definitely increased their popularity recently. They are portable fixed constructions that allow you to arrange the exhibition space as you like. Showrooms are usually modular constructions, assembled from ready-made elements. This solution allows for individual layout of the space in accordance with the client's expectations. However, it requires assembly by a qualified construction team that will connect all the elements and add additional installations. Placing a showroom in public space also requires permission.
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