we create environments, exhibitions & experiences with one purpose — to create reactions

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Smart idea

Our dream was to establish a company that would be able to create both smart and beautiful but at the same time useful things. A company that would inspire others, improve your brand’s performance and give your products a new dimension. It is your trust and faith in us that gives us the energy to create amazing things. We have managed  to make our dreams come true – we have been successfully working for you over 10 years and we are really happy with our achievements.

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Smart team

Team-spirit rules here. Meet our smart heroes and follow our smart philosophy. Or get in touch with us
just copy and paste our contact details to drop us a line or give us a call – we want to get to know you as well!


Goal setters and trendestters

Łukasz Jerzmanowski Co-owners

tel. +48 502 043 930

A founder of a very promising rock band. Some time ago he was Poland’s brightest hope for the FIFA World Cup… and this still remains to be true! In between these jobs, he has decided to become a photographer and the visionary manager of the marketing department and the design department in SDE. He has been working in the trade exhibition industry for more than 16 years.

Michał Ogrzewalski Co-owners

tel. +48 501 413 101

As a real master of composure, he never loses his head. Calmness is his greatest strength. He is the manager of the design department and the SDE’s peacemaker. He has been working in the trade exhibition industry for 16 years.

Darek Kaczmarek Co-owners

tel. +48 502 043 936

A real tech geek and a fan of big numbers. He would make a great scientist and a fantastic dancer. In SDE he is the manager of the production department. He has been working in the trade exhibition industry for 19 years.

Project managers
Your guides in the (trade fair) jungle

Patryk Krajewski Business Development Manager

+48 533 746 053

Katarzyna Kwiatkowska Senior project manager

+48 884 994 048

Dorota Capińska Project manager

+48 512 561 797

Nicola Styczyńska Project manager

+48 534 385 916

Agnieszka Skóra Project manager

+48 512 042 920

Masters of Photoshop, Autocad, 3Ds Max and much more

Marzena Michalska Designer

+48 512 561 795

Joanna Dittmar Designer

+48 501 869 093

Łukasz Zaremba Designer

+48 575 757 063

Paweł Podemski Graphic designer

+48 575 458 777

Weronika Politowicz Designer

Technical department
"We-know-how-to-do-it" production crew

Anna Kaniewska Technical manager

+48 502 339 981

Adam Beim Technical manager

+48 502 375 203

Piotr Gromadecki Technical manager

+48 534 138 572

Agnieszka Hodyl Technical manager

+48 575 757 062

Małgorzata Świadek Technical manager

+48 533 543 760

Joanna Wnukowska Technical manager

+48 531 054 207

Marketing department
"Let's bring to life ideas" girls

Katarzyna Rzadkiewicz Marketing manager

+48 530 436 637

Julia Królak marketing specialist

+48 576 827 777

Marta Dobroś Graphic designer

+48 884 994 068

Financial and logistic department
"Always-on-time" team

Olga Kobylańska Office manager

+48 884 994 480

Katia Pakhuta Management board assistant

+ 48 577 645 000

Patrycja Zaćmińska Financial specialist

+48 512 561 799

Anna Fabisz Financial specialist

+48 574 753 777

Dace Sardiko-Savinska HR specialist

+48 61 642 71 47

Karolina Marcinkowska Supply specialist

+ 48 570 005 214

Małgorzata Jakubowicz Supply specialist

+48 570 789 159

Jakub Idkowiak Logistics specialist

+48 530 511 469

Justyna Waloszczyk Logistics specialist

+48 791 647 777

Krzysztof Ratajczak Supply specialist

+48 570 789 161

Leszek Zalewski Head of carpentry

+48 530 087 874

Smart works

What makes a good exhibition stand? Following the basic standards can’t be a guarantee of a great design. Knowing the technical rules or trade fair guidelines and regulations simply proves not to be enough. We believe that you deserve much more than that – a truly outstanding exhibition stand that will allow you to literally stand out. Our smart stand is exactly what you are looking for! Discover how our smart stands are designed, manufactured and installed on-site.

Moscow City

MUNICH, EXPO REAL, 341m2, 2013

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Birmingham, CRUFTS, 225m2, 2013

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Amsterdam, IBC, 215m2, 2014

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Poznan, BUDMA, 100m2, 2016

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Smart offer

Large, unique and custom built to your specifications – these are the exhibition stands we specialize in. But like a real Master Chef, apart from our main course, we also serve our clients many other dishes:
just tell us what your preferences are and we will be happy to come up with an ideal solution for you.
We can also follow your own recipe and turn your vision into reality. Let us bring your project to life!


Everything starts with an idea. The idea that is so important for us that we fight hard for it. Since we want to translate our innovative ideas into reality, we do our best to find technically feasible solutions. We make the sketches of our conceptual designs and create 3D visualizations or those in our heads.

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Long story short: whatever you need, we will provide you with it. We can deliver any stand you could ever ask for. We have everything we need to do that: professional equipment and a team of extremely devoted people – up to 100 production & assembly workers.

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Since our project management team speaks English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese, country borders do not limit us in any way. We work in close cooperation with many companies as well as marketing, event and exhibition agencies all over the world.

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Smart Design Expo Sp. z o. o.

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