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Drutex – Budma 2016

The green wall? Seems good! See how we used plants to make the cozy look on the Drutex stand!

DRUTEX || Budma 2017

This particular Budma trade fair was a truly special event for Drutex. Having undergone rebranding, they had a chance to show the new face of their company for the very first time. Rebranding is neither an easy nor a short process. Taking a decision about how we want to be perceived on the market requires a lot of time and a careful analysis. We wanted to showcase the best products which Drutex had prepared for the visitors in a way that would be in line with the new product identity. The stand we designed for them was minimalist and modern, just as the new branding of Drutex.

Warsaw Home

We executed 10 projects during the Warsaw Home trade fair!

Thank you for your trust!


Smart Design Expo + Stargres
133 sqm


Smart Design Expo + Rejs
99 sqm


Smart Design Expo + Radaway
54 sqm


Smart Design Expo + Quick-step
145 sqm


Smart Design Expo + Profim
320 sqm


Smart Design Expo + Pesa


Smart Design Expo + Omnires
130 sqm


Smart Design Expo + Franke Polska
99 sqm


Smart Design Expo + Electrolux
132 sqm


Smart Design Expo + Balma
180 sqm


Smart Design Expo + Elastron
210 sqm

Smart Design Expo x Euroshop 2020



Showreel 2015

In  2015 we broke a record – we created over 170 stands in the whole Europe. The film presents the best 18 of them – the most difficult and the most creative ones.  We cherish the memories related to all these projects. They are simply unforgettable!

Behind the scenes

11th anniversary of the company

So much has happened over the last 11 years that it is hard to remember everything. But this particular event will definitely be remembered by everyone. See how we party!

Christmas 2017

Christmas time is a perfect moment for us to slow down and get to know each other a bit better. We organize such company events as we just love the atmosphere of laughter and warmth they bring about – that’s exactly what we need during cold winters.  

12th anniversary of Smart Design Expo

How do we celebrate company anniversaries? We are a team. Are we a dream team? Watch the film and see it for yourself! 

We have been awarded!

Two stands entirely designed by Smart Design Expo were published in the prestigious Trade Fair Design Annual, which is a specialist annual presenting the most creative and innovative projects in the trade fair industry in the whole world.


How should you prepare for the trade fair? How to create an exhibition stand that attracts attention? When should you start preparing for the trade fair? What are the trends in the exhibition stand design?

We can provide you with some useful pieces of advice, tips and suggestions on prevailing trends we identify in design.

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