An idea is at the core of every project as it actually gets things moving. The ideas behind our stands mean so much to us that we try very hard to push them forward.  We want to see our projects through and it is important to us that innovative and original solutions should be implemented. We toy with different architectural solutions, colours and shapes. We speak with clients about their ideas and we work on the conception with them. We combine functionality with excellent brand communication and it lets us create stands which have great vibes and a strong impact. 

Step 1

Getting to know your needs and expectations

A great stand design is no coincidence. It takes many specialists to create it but it can only be done when you define what the “wow effect” truly means to you – our client. That’s why before we move on to the design phase we need you to provide us with as much information as possible by filling in the brief. It is the very first step of our effective cooperation and it makes it possible for us to get to know you, your brand and your values a bit better.

Step 2


It takes us approximately 2 weeks to prepare a personalized stand design for you. At this stage we check the technical rules, trade fair guidelines and regulations, we contact the organizer of the trade fair and we brainstorm creative ideas. In that way we make sure we are able to deliver the best possible quality and this translates directly into your success – the success of your brand. The project is always well-thought-out and nothing is left to coincidence.

Step 3

Inspiration time

Our Smart designers never stop learning though their knowledge related to design is already unrivaled. The idea for a creative design is born out of long hours spent looking for inspiration, creating mind maps, analyzing the trends set by the biggest trade fairs in the world and drinking coffee, which keeps us going till the job gets done.

Step 4

Designing in progress

At this stage of the project the exhibition stand does exist but only as a mental picture. New thoughts bring new ideas and the project becomes more detailed as it begins to take shape in the mind. But this is just the beginning. It is time to use the tools and computer programs such as Photoshop, Autocad, Adobe Illustrator i Autodesk 3ds Max, which help us turn our visions into reality. This is when you start to realize that the stand is not going to be just a figment of our or your imagination. 


The presentation that you receive from us is the consummation of our work on the project of your stand design. We use it to explain the design concept to you. Our design is based on the current trends, which you can familiarize yourself with, and the sources of inspiration we derived our ideas from. What’s more, we demonstrate the proof of concept – we show you how we are going to meet your expectations as well as how your products are going to be showcased. At this point you receive the visualization and you get to meet our Smart team – all the people involved in your project. 



We perceive an exhibition stand as an end result of a certain process. That’s why apart from designing it, we offer the production of its elements as well as assembly and disassembly services. 

Take a look at our production capacity and facilities.

Machinery park

When the design stage is over, it is time for the production department to roll up their sleeves. Our own in-house carpentry workshop is equipped with:

– a modern CNC cutting machine

– vertical and horizontal saws

– a paint shop 

–  an edgebander

– a spray paint booth.


modern production

Thanks to our experienced and committed team as well as our high-tech equipment, we are able to create out-of-the-box stands. Over 150 workers: experienced carpenters, assembly workers, electricians and warehouse workers. 


We know the direction trade fair marketing is taking – it is digitalization. That is why we respond to this challenge by providing stands with multimedia. We offer a wide variety of multimedia solutions: LED screens, seamless video walls, LED display walls, interactive tablets and screens, television sets, iPads, sound systems, projectors and cameras. 

furniture and lighting

We have prepared a furnishings catalogue which presents our offer. It includes both the furniture we can manufacture in our carpentry workshop and the furniture we can make available to our customers.  

Download the furnishings catalogue and let us inspire you >> link 

We have many types of lamps on offer for our clients to choose from: main lighting, downlights, arms, lightboxes, wall lamps and decorative lamps.


There are a few experienced graphic designers on our team. That’s why we can prepare any kind of graphics for your stand:  large-format printing, vinyl graphics, 3D graphics, banners, illuminated logos, lightboxes, illuminated graphics.


We work with unusual materials.

custom and system stands

We offer stands of wooden, aluminum and steel constructions.

We manufacture glass elements of non-standard size and shape.

We can provide our clients with the construction of double deck stands of up to 800 square metres.

execution of the project

Project management / supervision

From the perspective of every exhibitor, trade fairs always mean a lot of work, full involvement of the entire team and the preparation of the exhibition strategy. We are well aware of that and that’s why we take the initiative to lift the burden from the exhibitors. We become supportive partners who help the exhibitors succeed. In order to achieve this result, we assign a separate personalized team to every project.

Professionalism in action

Over the last 20 years we have managed to earn the trust of our clients and the trade fair organizers. Our professionalism stems from our long experience.

We provide trade fair services at the leading exhibition shows in Europe. We cooperate with international companies all over the world. 


We like to initiate meetings with our clients as it gives us a chance to get to know your industry and your brand a bit better. 

We are a multilingual team. We speak English, German, Spanish, French and Russian fluently. 


How should you prepare for the trade fair? How to create an exhibition stand that attracts attention? When should you start preparing for the trade fair? What are the trends in the exhibition stand design?

We can provide you with some useful pieces of advice, tips and suggestions on prevailing trends we identify in design.

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