Trade Show Stands

Trade shows, fair trades, special events – these occasions really need you to stand out from the crowd. How to best prepare for the trade fair? You definitely want to draw attention and the right way is to create an exceptional exhibition stand. Displays, banners, counters – exhibition stand builders are more and more creative and it’s really hard to present your services in a truly beautiful and innovative way. We’re happy to inform you that you can now stop looking for a perfect contractor. Trade show stands is what we have majored in for a very long time. We are now your next exhibition stand builder. What Do We Do? We specialize in custom-built stands, tailored-made to your specifications. All stands we design are built entirely by us, which means each stand is a specially created masterpiece. Functionality, beauty, brand communication – we make sure every detail is carefully thought and taken care of. We don’t believe in compromise – a stand can only be perfect when every single element is perfect. Each exhibition display stand is a great mix of equipment and furniture attracting clients to the brand booth. Exhibition display stand info can be small and portable or large-scale. All are created using quality print materials. Our Offer
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Our Offer

• Banner stands – printed displays – both pop up banners and fabric banner stands. Custom exhibition stands are creative, developed to draw attention. They are light and portable, yet very effective. A perfect way to promote your message. • Pop-up stands – large stands with a frame and graphics. Pop-up stands are easy to transport and assemble. They are light, perfect for trade shows. The focal point of the display is set behind your counter. • Modular stands – flexible, easily configurable systems to be used at any kind of the show. Perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd. They are available in a variety of sizes and different visually appealing designs. • Portable exhibition furniture – single elements that enrich your trade show presence and help you build the chemistry between you and your customers. • Exhibition pavilion design – we create customized design and fabrication to meet your branding objectives. • Leaflet holders – if you have brochures, leaflets, flyers or magazines to give away, you definitely need exhibition literature racks. Tabletop stands, wheeled racks and fold up brochure holders are included. • Folding panel displays – easy to assemble, transport and store. Need help with choosing the right stand? Contact us! We’ll be happy to assist! • Display boards.
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Our Vision

Unlike most exhibition stand manufacturers, we put trust in innovative concepts and customization. We have always dreamt about unique trade show stands that are both beautiful and high quality. Many years ago, we decided to focus on a visitor experience. An experience that would create emotion, arouse brand awareness and make people stop by the stand. Design, symmetry, credibility and contrast – we have worked hard to become better than the competition. And it paid off. Our stands are now considered work of art against the background of most of exhibition stand companies. We put all efforts for your stand to be completely branded to your specification. Budget roller banners or maybe a large-scale bespoke stand? We believe in no limits. Do you need an inspiration look? Or just see some stands we are proud of? See the stories we have already told – check out portfolio.
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Why Choose Us

Eye-catching display is a must-have when you want to attract people to your stand. In this field, we’ve got you covered. We design and produce light, portable, durable-for-travel stands with a full guarantee on the hardware. Why Are We Your Next Display Stand Provider? • We only use the latest printing technology. Quality is key and we know it best. We do printing in-house which means every single step is under control. We use the most modern production machines. • Our projects are fully customized. We believe in close cooperation – you tell us your needs and we do our best to create a stand from your dreams. We build stands in varied sizes and dimensions. • We offer competitive prices. However, it doesn’t affect quality. • Creativeness is what we feel best at. On top of that, we have years of experience in the exhibition industry so we can certainly say we know what we are doing. Also, from the technical point of view. • We offer a quick turnaround on every project (usually we only need 48 hours to deliver your perfect stand).
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Are you ready to start cooperating with one of the most widely appreciated exhibition stand companies in Europe? Ready to create a world-class trade show stand? If you’re in need of a jaw-dropping stand that will attract visitors during the event, we’ve got you covered. Let’s enhance your brand together! Questions? No need to hesitate. If you need help or a piece of advice, let us know! We’ll be happy to assist you at every stage of your trade show journey.
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