Double deck exhibition stand

Two-storey stands are a novelty that conquers the world of fairs and exhibitions. Double decker exhibition stands allow you to impress the customer with a modern arrangement of the exhibition space. Many solutions offered by this stand allow for endless possibilities of setting exposure. The upper floor can be arranged as part of the exhibition or as an exclusive place for premium customers.

Why choose double decker exhibition stand?

Wondering if a two-story position is needed at all? Definitely yes! The additional floor allows for a completely different arrangement of the exhibition space. In this way, you can impress potential customers with original solutions. Two-level exhibition stands also allow to use of the latest technologies, which often require additional space, such as virtual reality.

Two – story stand – how to arrangement

The choice of a two-story stand gives great opportunities to develop the exhibition. Additional space allows for solutions that are not possible with a traditional stand. Doubling the exhibition space allows you to arrange an additional meeting space, where you can receive premium customers. We can made the mini conference room in which you can conduct training sessions or meetings in a larger group. Or we can arrange this place to ready-made product display. In this way, potential customers can feel special or see newest products from the offer.

Safety rules for two-story stand

Two-story stands require special safety rules. By choosing our company you will be sure that they will be implemented. When constructing two-story exhibition stands, we use the highest quality materials and comply with all necessary safety rules. That is why we can guarantee that our stands are completely safe and can be used at any trade fair.
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