Exhibition: Warsaw Home – the International Interior Design Trade Fair.

Exhibitor: VOX  is an interior design brand that has been steadily strengthening its position as one of the most innovative companies in the furniture sector in Poland since 1989.

Project Manager: Dorota Czarska

Designer: Joanna Dittmar

Size: 400 sqm


The wooden construction emphasized the design of the VOX furniture. We wanted to make everyone feel at home so we took care of every single detail in each room. The concept of the stand was to prove that the VOX products rock and that was what we tried to keep in mind all the time.

What we did

The large size of the stand (400sqm) allowed us to showcase all great products that VOX has not only by exhibiting them but also by literally using some of them to create the stand, like for example OSB boards with the click system, panels, carpets and scantlings.