Exhibition: PSB in Kielce – the biggest event for the construction industry.

Exhibitor: VOX – an interior design brand that has been steadily strengthening its position as one of the most innovative companies in the furniture sector in Poland

Designer: Joanna Dittmar

Project Manager: Dorota Czarska

Size: 104 sqm


It is said that there is no better place than your own home. That was our key assumption. To create a real full-sized home using the 104 sqm of stand area– the idea behind the stand was to epitomize the main advertising slogan of VOX: Freedom starts at home. When it comes to such an exhibitor, it is crucial for us to understand both the needs of our client and, on the other hand, the needs of visitors. We wanted to make everyone who entered the stand feel at home.

What we did

We divided the stand into two zones: the dining area with tables and a space where you could sit comfortably and drink your coffee, have a conversation or just relax, and the second zone with VOX products. We backlit each item and played with the light. This in turn drew the attention to the products located in this area so when you looked at them you could imagine having them at home.