Exhibition: Gamescom –  Europe’s leading trade fair for digital games culture.

Exhibitor: : THQ Nordic (two separate zones: business and consumer). An Austrian video game publisher based in Vienna.

size: 630m2

Project Manager: Anna Musiał-Kolasińska

Technical Manager: Adam Beim


Gamers from around the world! May we have your attention please?! The biggest cluster of gamers – that’s what they say the Gamescom show is called. Living up to the gamers’ expectations is a huge challenge. It takes a really engaging stand to grab the attention of the visitors. That’s why THQ keeps leading the way during each and every show and brings in crowds of visitors. Our task was to create the stand with video-game-like zones. Take a look at how we have achieved the desired effect.


The stand was supposed to be impressive in terms of displaying the new gaming products, which the gamers could try out, as well as from the business perspective. That is why the idea of the THQ company was to create two stands – one for the visitors and the other one for businessmen. The stand for the gamers was divided into 4 zones where you could find the latest games. These interiors were to virtually take you to the world of games – loads of graphics, wooden kegs, barrels, benches and frames, wallpaper which imitated the walls of old buildings….the true-to-life world of video games was successfully recreated! The business area, however, made it possible for the guests to establish and maintain relationships, which was a great strategic move. Everyone could find just the right place to suit their needs.