Ten years ago, our smart office used to be single-family house with a small family workshop. Then it was bought by smart design company and…
Changing process begun.

Designers from smart team: Joe (Joanna Dittmar) & Lukas (Łukasz Jerzmanowski)

Place: Wysogotowo near Poznan, Poland

Photos made by Julian


It’s not a secret that most of our time we are spending in our working place. That’s why it’s so important to feel comfortable, cosily and simply good.
Second floor of smart office is the place where we brainstorm, meet with our clients and space where our bosses work. Interior design should express our style of work, creativity and be functional at the same time.


We used our company’s colours in the interior’s design: orange, red, grey. Mainly wood and concrete are used in the project. Pots, tables and lamps are custom-made in our workshop.
So… when You’ll be next time in Poznan, simply come by and let’s drink a cup of coffee together!