TRAKO International Railway Fair is the largest and most prestigious rail industry meeting in Poland and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. Exhibition takes place every two years.

PKP Group consists of different companies which services are connected with railway transport, energy and ICT markets. PKP Group holds a leading position on the domestic railway market and determines its development. PKP Group is the second largest employer in Poland – with nearly 85,000 people working for it. They are specialists not only in the railway field, but also in IT, ICT, energy or real estate. PKP Group is also the official partner of TRAKO Fair.

Exhibitor: PKP Group (8 different companies: PKP S.A., PKP Intercity, PKP Energetyka, PKP Cargo, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe, PKP Informatyka, PKP LHS, SKM

Exhibition: TRAKO – September 2015, Gdansk, Poland


Brief for the stand was kind of modest: „We expect something fresh, modern. We want to express the unity of our companies and show off our new brand identity”. Everybody in Poland knows PKP Group, first associations comming to our minds were: train, rails and… of course railway station.


336 m2 stand ephasises unity of 8 co-exhibitors and becomes modern railway station – a natural habitat for PKP Group. Triangles which are part of new brand identity are part of the roof structure. They are visable also in details: in form of the info-counters for each company, in the wooden decoration of the bar’s wall. White colour was mostly used in the project. To make stand more catchy we decided to put maroon stickers on the floor and walls. Pillars and roof were roll-painted, info-counters were laminated, stickers were made from laminated vinyl.