Exhibition: Trako Gdańsk : International railway fair. The largest and most prestigious rail industry event in Poland and one the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. The exhibition takes place every two years.

Exhibitor: THE PKP GROUP – The PKP Group consists of different companies whose services are connected with railway transport, electricity distribution and ICT markets. PKP group holds a leading position on the domestic railway market and determines its development. The PKP Group was also an official partner of the TRAKO fairs.

Designer: Joanna Dittmar

Project Manager: Nicola Styczyńska

Size: 352 sqm

Bonus: This project was published in of the most prestigious design books – Trade Fair Design Annual 2018.


The exhibition stand designed for the PKP GROUP refers to the railway station. The starting point for this project was an openwork structure that covered over 350sqm of the stand creating a warm cozy Scandinavian-like atmosphere. The PKP logo was composed of triangles. The same shape was later used to create the elements of the roof which looked like the one of a modern railway station. The project revolves around the following features: openwork, transparency, lighting and wood.

What we did

It took us 3 days to build the roof. The most difficult thing was to support the structure that weighed a few tons with as few pillars as possible. Instead of mdf panels, we used semitransparent textiles that gave the structure a light and airy look. We used 1.6 km of scantlings for the roof construction.