Exhibitor: OKA

Exhibition: Orgatec, October 2016, Cologne, Germany – 405m2

In cooperation with MOA s. c.


In terms of design, the biggest challenge for us was to manufacture and then assemble the entrance gate of the stand. The entrance was designed in the shape of a cylindrical funnel with convergent wooden slats.

What we did

What we did: The structure of the gate was set up in several stages. Having assembled the front elevation along with the semicircular structure of the entrance, we moved on to fixing the plywood slats, which were individually cut by us with a CNC machine, to the structure of the stand. At that stage the inner side of the structure was covered with the translucent black fabric. In such a way, step by step, this magnificent modern form started to emerge – the form which impressed the clients and visitors at Orgatec fairs tremendously.