Exhibition: Cevisama is a key fair, a show that is constantly growing and that attracts more than 90,000 professionals from over the world. Cevisama brings together the most cuttingedge products from manufacturers of ceramic floor and wall tiles, frits, glazes and specialist colours, raw materials, fixing materials and tools, tile manufacturing machinery, bathroom equipment and natural stone.

Exhibitor: Marmite is the leading European manufacturer of washbasins, shower trays and bathtubs made of Mineral Composite. The company brings together natural mineral materials, sophisticated technology and develops high efficient Mineral Composite innovations.

Designer: Marzena Michalska

Project Manager: Dorota Czarska

Size: 108 sqm


Simplicity is the key element of Marmite’s success. Since they stay focused on excellence in product development we had to prepare something extraordinary and simple at the same time.

What we did

The products are always on top of the stand and they create the whole interior design. The sinks and bathtubs were presented on the stepladders and the shower-baths made a modern compositions on the walls. What also makes the stand unique are black constructions which emphasize the products locations.