Exhibition: WTM is an international travel trade show which is bringing together the global travel industry through world leading travel events, content and digital tools.

Exhibitor: Indonesia stand.

Project Manager: Anna Musiał-Kolasińska

Technical Manager: Małgorzata Świadek

Size: 400 sqm


Even though we have already designed the Indonesia stand many times, we must stay focused on the project every single time we prepare the stand. What is the trick? The stand has to grab the attention of all visitors and take them to the wonderful world of Indonesia.

What we did

The most time-consuming element of the stand was definitely the ship – preparing it and finding the proper materials took us a lot of time. The stand had 3 different kinds of flooring – PVC, printed graphic, artificial grass. The posters on the walls took up 217 sqm. We had a lot of work to do! But the final effect was stunning.