Exhibition: ITB 2018 in Berlin. One world. One industry. One trade show. The World’s Leading Travel Trade Show.

Exibitor: Indonesia stand

Project Manager: Anna Musiał-Kolasińska

Technical Manager: Małgorzata Świadek

Size: 609 sqm


Once again we would like to present the 609 sqm Indonesia stand. The main entrance was called “the Bali gate” and once you’ve entered the stand, you just couldn’t leave it. What was the trick? Grabbing the attention of all visitors. And it was not just the size of the stand that did the trick. It was our attention to detail that made this stand so absorbing and simply irresistible to the visitors

What we did

It takes many people to achieve such a result – assigning the right number of workers to the 6-day long set-up of such a demanding stand is not an easy task. That’s why we appointed 28 workers to the set-up. It is also worth mentioning that 80% of the stand was made of wood – we used over 8 tons of wood and over 7000 meters of ropes.