Exhibition: Budma – the international construction and architecture fair.

Exhibitor: Drutex Okna – The biggest PVC window and door producer in Europe.

Designer: Joanna Dittmar

Project manager: Katarzyna Rzadkiewicz

size: 300 sqm

Bonus: This Drutex project was awarded – The ACANTHUS AUREUS statue is awarded to exhibitors who were best able to execute their vision of a stand while combining it with the company’s marketing strategy.


The client wanted us to create a modern elegant stand that would correspond to the new branding inspired by the change of the corporate visual identity in 2017. In general, the stand was supposed to provide a lot of open space and friendly space for talks. The client expected us to exhibit 18 types of products and to convey the brand messages in a modern way. We also knew that multimedia were more than welcome at the stand.

What we did

We designed an enormous suspension that stretched over the entire area of the stand. In addition, there was one main entrance to the stand. On one side there was a 6x3m led screen while on the other side you could see the customer’s products – terrace doors. In order to enter the stand, you needed to go through the gate and pass the products so automatically you had a chance to admire the individually designed displays for window cross-sections. Such a solution generated interest among the trade fair visitors. Two main colours – black and white were chosen for the decor of this stand. Thanks to dark colors and scattered light, we were able to create an atmosphere of luxury, elegance and prestige.