Aventek is a company that specializes in production of compactors for refuse and recyclable materials. It is a recognized supplier of balers for paper, cardboard, PET bottles, compactors, stationary presses and duct presses.

Exhibitor: Aventek
Exhibition: POLEKO (International Trade Fair for Environmental) – October 2014, Poznan, Poland


We prepared stand that can speak in the name of company, inspired by functions of the machines and shape of Aventek’s logo. During construction we were forced to face few challenges as curved construction had to be prepared with great precision to fit on site. Aluminium construction were welded and covered with special boards to achieve lightness and curved lines


„Courageous, fantastic, stunning” – these are only few words heard from visitors at POLEKO fair that stepped by the AVENTEK’s stand. Stand was appreciated by the exhibitor („I’m very satisfied of cooperation with Smart Design Expo. Such stand I didn’t have before, machines are well exposed, visitors are curious”).