Exhibition: R+T in Stuttgart – The world’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems

Exhibitor: Anwis – one of the top European producers of sun-protection systems consisting of window covers and other components.

Designer: Marzena Michalska
Project Manager: Nicola Styczyńska

size: 160 sqm

Bonus: This Anwis project was published in one of the most prestigious design books, namely Trade Fair Design Annual 2018.


To show Anwis from the best possible perspective! 160 sqm of the stand took the form of a modern house – a natural environment where the Anwis blinds could be presented. Sounds obvious? It wasn’t that simple though! The most important thing for us was to guide all visitors around the stand. How do you think we handled that?

What we did

To make the stand resemble a modern house, the client’s products were placed inside the high walls. There was one main entrance to the stand – thanks to this solution we were able to make the best use of the total stand area in order to exhibit as many products as possible. We also placed a huge information counter in front of the stand. Above the counter there was an enormous decoration made from laser-cut wooden wheels (3 layers of poplar plywood), whose form corresponded to the shape of the Anwis logo. The illuminated photography behind the counter was a very important part of the stand and a reference to the Anwis brand. All in all, the stand looked really cozy and homely.