„Let's make something special, that we didn't have yet”

SAIE3 & EQUIPBAIE, Bolognia & Paris, October & November 2014



01. About



Drutex - the biggest producer of PVC windows and doors in Europe, many exhibitions yearly, successful marketing campaign with three most famous football players: Philipp Lahm, Andrea Pirlo, Jakub Blaszczykowski. We stepped into Drutex's shoes, come back to the roots of the company. What is their stand choice?


Exhbitions: SAIE3 & EQUIPBAIE, Bolognia & Paris, October & November 2014

02. Challenge



Window – the main product and its relation with the space become starting point in the design of a stand. Booth is built by white, wooden painted frame which can be clearly associated with window's frame. By the stand – window You can take a look into Drutex's world. As stand was used at two exhibitions (SAIE 3, EQUIPBAIE) it was very important to choose such materialls and technologies that could be reusable.

03. What we did



"Touch. Feel. Discover” - specially designed window displays are meant to play with the product and to remember as much as You can. On the iPad You can check the description of the window, see some examples of realisations. Light in the floor draws attention to the product. See the smart detail: suspended lamps are at the same position as lamps in the floor! Now we know what was the Drutex's stand choice .

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